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Date:Wed, 5 Jul 2000 00:26:00 -0700 (PDT)

Light'n'up - about sums up Monday's pre-holiday shortened trading session.
Things opened down but quickly picked up with a lower NAPM # - the Nasdaq
was up 25, Dow Indust. up 112 and the S&P up 14. The news for the day was
ORCL's (Oracle) #2 stepping down in a cloud of mystery - stock was down 4
1/2%. Also IFMX (Informix) down over 35% on profit warning. FON (Sprint Fon
Group) was up 3 with more speculation about Deut T. In the transportation
space EAGL (Eagle Inc) merged with CRCL (Circle International Group).
Financials and insurance were up: ALL (Allstate CP), CNC (Conseco Inc), JPM
(JP Morgan), FTU (First Union Corp), WFC (Wells Fargo), KEY (Keycorp New)
all up over 5%; BK (Bank of New York) and BAC (Bank of America) up over
4.5%. In Tech - AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) up 9%, INTC (Intel Corp) and MU
(Micron Technologies) up over 2%, YHOO (Yahoo), NOK (Nokia) and ERICY (LM
Erics Tel) up 3%, CSCO (Cisco Systems) and MOT (Motorola) up over 1%..... In
the CEUT Universe: BWAY* (Breakaway Solutions) up 6%... PSDI* (Project
Software) and NATI* (National Instruments) up over 1.... SSTI* (Silicon
Storage) up over 10... NT* (Nortel Networks) up almost 4, JDSU* (JDS
Uniphase) up over 8... BRCD* (Brocade Communications) down 5, NTAP* (Network
Appliance) up 2, PRCM (Procom Technologies) up 1 13/16...PROX* (Proxim) down
over 3, RIMM* (Research In Motion) up over 3... MUSE* (Micromuse) down 12...
SIRI+ (Sirius Satellite) up over 3, XMSR* (XM Satellite) down over 3....
COVD* (Covad Communications) up over 1, ICIX* (Intermedia Communications)
down 1..... Friday brings us unemployment #s.

Saudis - will check with OPEC before boosting oil production.

MSFT - Telewest deal in trouble - Euro regulators don't like it.

KPN and NTT DoCoMo team with Hutch. Whampoa for 3rd gen. lic. in Europe.

WSJ Heard in Europe - Deut T - expensive when compared to other Euro Telcos/
Overhang issue/ FON deal, even if real, won't help.

Deut T - majority stakes in Hungarian and Slovak phone co.s

T, France Tel., Brit. Tel. and SBC - considering large debt issues post Deut
T deal.

COVD - expands DSL service in New Mexico.

WSJ Heard - Banks oversold? positive on CMB, FLT, WFC, SOTR, STI, CMA;
negative on ASO, BBT and RGBK.

Nippon Credit Bank - Softbank only wants minority stake on board.

CA - neg. pre-announce - stock down in pre-trading.

LHSP - negative analyst comments - stock down pre-trading.

David Boies - helped gov. in MSFT case - now helping Napster vs. music

ex - Bertelsmann exec. Jan Buettner - starting $250 million VC fund - next
gen. net service infrast - backers include: Bertelsmann, Standford U., AOL,
Sumitomo... any others.

Genset (GENXY) - key french bio-tech - new CEO after major board fight.

SCBI - re-stating #s.

Excite@Home - countersuit vs. Cablevision.

SNE, Matsushita and Toshiba - agree to standard for dig. TV and interactive

Apex and Cybex Comp. Prod. - merge and form new co. - Avocent (AVCT) -
server management solutions.

Analog Devices - buys Irish Optical wafer maker BCO Tech..

Priceline Europe - gets Burger King CEO to run show.

Manila Phil. - text messaging is all the rage.

Survey - 44% of tech savvy high school students prefer manually submitting
college aps - nervous about security.

CSCO's chief startegy officer invterviwed in NY Times.

Ex - Novell exec. gets $10 million to start XML co. named Tilion.

Smartmoney - article on COMS view of the dig. home.

There is talk: DT for CWP?/

C.E. Unterberg Towbin: INIT marketing in Boston/ Mike Renegar marketing in

Futures up.

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