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Date:Thu, 6 Jul 2000 00:39:00 -0700 (PDT)

Salomon makes a negative call on chips; ENTU (Entrust Technologies) CA*
(Computer Associates) and BMCS* (BMC Software) miss big and oh yes lets not
forget the post-holiday reverberations of ORCL's (Oracle) # 2 man stepping
down - it wasn't pretty in tech. Is it any wonder the Nasdaq was never in
the green and closed down over 125? In listed-land it was Saudi Arabia
threatening to sink oil prices vs. some buoyancy in the financials and drugs
- and the bears won with the Dow Industrials closing down 77. In tech - ENTU
down over 50%, ORCL down almost 9%, AMAT (Applied Materials) AMD (Advanced
Micro Devices) NSM (National Semiconductor) down 10% or more, VTSS (Vitesse
Semiconductor) MU (Micron Technologies) TXN (Texas Instruments) down over
6%, LU* (Lucent Technologies) CSCO (Cisco Systems) SUNW (Sun Microsystems)
GE (General Electric) YHOO (Yahoo) all down over 4%, RHAT (Red Hat Inc) down
7% - a couple of bright spots (but only a couple) AOL (America Online) up
over 2 1/2% and T (AT&T) up over 3%. The oils and the drillers were a drag -
BPA (BP Amoco PLC) and APA (Apache Corp) down 7%, TX (Texaco Inc) CHV
(Chevron Corp) and SLB (Schlumberger Inc) down over 4%, XOM (Exxon Mobile)
down 3%, BHI (Baker Hughes Inc.) down 6% meanwhile IMNX (Immunex Corp) BGEN
(Biogen) LLY (Ely Lilly) all up 4%, AMG (Affliated Mangers Group) up 7%, BMY
(Bristol Myers Squibb) up 2% and the financials - WFC (Wells Fargo) GS
(Goldman Sachs Group) C (Citigroup) all up 1%, MER (Merrill Lynch) MWD (MS
Dean Witter) ONE (Bank One Corp) ALL (Allstate Corp) all up 2%.... In the
CEUT Universe the stories of the day were BMCS* and CA* - both down 40%
after negative pre-announcements - CA* announced first and Paul Rodriguez
attributed the miss to three factors - Europe, mainframe slowness and not
closing two deals; BMCS* followed - the street did not react positively to
their morning call. Karl Motey's space was hit due to the Saloman call -
PMCS* (PMC Sierra Corp) KOPN+ (Kopin) down 8, TLCM* (Telecom Semiconductors)
PSEM* (Pericom Semiconductors) down 9, SSTI* (Silicon Storage) down almost
15... JDSU (JDS Uniphase) down over 9... IMAN (Imanage Inc) down 8%....
PROX* (Proxim) down over 5... VRTS* (Veritas Software) down over 4 1/2,
MUSE* (Micromuse) up over 3 1/2.... SPOT* (Panam Sat) down over 2.... JBL*
(Jabil Circuit) down over 2.... COVD* (Covad) up over 1.... after the close
RDCM+ (Radcom) pre-announced negatively.

FBI questioning Japan's NTT purchase of US ISP Verio - security concerns -
how can we bug?

Datek - taking limit orders in decimals.

Lernout and Hauspie - down 16% - questions about concentration of revenues.

AmericasMart.com - retailer of furnishings - UPS offering credit cards and
unsecured lines of credit to customers.

AOL - stake in SpeechWorks - maker of voice recong. software - phone access
to net becoming more vital.

Edgewater Tech - formally StaffMark - dumping temp staff business to be
e-commerce consulting firm.

Alcatel - buys private maker of optical components (Innovative Fibers of

Ionics EMS - $1Billion disk drive order from Philips.

Sanyo - mobile phone/audio player (developed by consortium featuring Fujitsu
and Hitachi).

Comverse Tech. - buys Israeli wireless infrast. firm Exalink.

Carrefour (huge French retailer) and BNP-Paribas - online financial services
via retailers web portal.

Cable and Wireless - $30 million to Euro net incubator Gorilla Park.

Swissair - CEO quits for net start-up.

Brit T - aggressive WAP ad push - not paying off - consumers aren't buying.

Japan's NEC - planning NYSE listing.

WSJ - overview of sites targeting Latin American women.

NY Times - online phone calls catching on.

Waterpark in Denver - kids wear electronic wristwatch tracking device so
parents can locate them at all times.

Buy.com , Staples and eZimba - victims of electronic fraud - hackers use
gift certificates to get free merchandise.

Hotwire.com - coming in Sept. - discounted last minute empty airline seats -
watch out Priceline (not to be confused with airline backed Orbitz site).

iFilm - layoffs.

3i Networks - Java based ap service provider - for e-commerce - $1 million
first round.

Dept. of Agriculture - have invented Plumcots - cross between apricot and

petersons.com/private/ - site for info on private schools.

Mossberg of WSJ - review of Omnisky "wireless web" - has potential but not
really here yet.

Global Quest Network - hear 15 second ad - place call for free -available in
Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Dell - drops NextMonet.com (art sales site) from intranet - doesn't like
nude pictures.

INTC - settles patent suit vs. Via Tech.

HWP - 5% sake in Novadigm - intergrate their management soft. into HWP's

WorldSpy.com - free ISP - goes under.

Norway's Opera Soft. - develops browser for Psion's OS.

DSTM - profit warning.

Ibidlive - auctioning .tv domain names on web and TV.

WSJ Heard - analysis of CA debacle.

alteregonet.com - soft. to unify format of wireless content without regard
to device.

BMET - 3 for 2.

onlineconservatory.com - musicians can jam with their friends online.

CIBC - intiates RIMM* with a buy. (trading up in pre-market).

Orange - buys Brit. news site Ananova (and animated news anchor)

European Parl. - angry about American eavesdropping - say it's for corporate

C.E. Unterberg Towbin's Paul Rodriguez - on CNN yesterday commenting on his

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