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It is time to begin working on planning for the Africa business trip which we
are planning for next february. I don't think we have a specific date yet,
but if we can get Terrie, Dorothy, and Sherri to reserve some dates on our
calendars and we can begin inviting customers now and based on the customer
feedback, zero in on final dates in a month or so. I think we should plan on
having 12 to 15 people total attend. Assuming 4 Enron people and 4 or 5 last
minute dropouts, we should target inviting 10 to 15 customers. My initial
cut on these are below:


"Billy Bob" Kriegel Sithe
Sam Palmisano? IBM
Scott McNealy? Sun
JeanMarie Messier? Vivendi
John Bryson!! Socal Edison

EBS Hirko/Rice

Mark Gilman Blockbuster
Don Listwin? Cisco
Bob Knowling? Covad
Alternative 1
Alternative 2


Banker 1
Banker 2
Banker 3


Asian Guy 1
Asian Guy 2
Asian Guy 3

Let's shoot for the first round of names no later that July 10, so we can
have Terrie send out invites. Also, Sherri,Terri - have we restructured our
deal with the guides?