Enron Mail

Subject:Analyst Committee Breakfast
Date:Thu, 30 Nov 2000 04:28:00 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for hosting the breakfast and for emphasizing the importance of the=
PRC process to the success of Enron. Prior to joining Enron, I worked at t=
other companies in the mid-stream natural gas industry. As I was listening=
to you speak about the way Enron was in the pre-PRC days (the Hay system an=
the like), memories of some of my experiences in those organizations came=
rushing back. Although I had a number of important reasons for leaving tho=
companies, the key issue in both instances was the failure of their=20
performance review processes.

I share that information because I have seen both sides, the worst and now=
the best. As with most things, those who complain or criticize often do=
not really understand or appreciate how good they have it. Criticism is=20
often fostered by a lack of understanding - - people asking "why?" in a=20
destructive way. The information you shared about the importance of the=20
program to Enron=01,s continued success and the points you made in response=
some of the criticisms of the process were both very important. I will tak=
your message and pass it along, however, I respectfully encourage you to do=
likewise to all of Enron. I know you have previously stressed the importan=
of the process at numerous times and through a variety of modes of=20
communication, but this morning you really gave the all-important reasons W=

I appreciate being selected to be on the committee and look forward to=20
participating. Thanks also your leadership, it's truly inspiring. =20

Sincere regards,
Ed McMichael