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Date:Sun, 1 Oct 2000 13:49:00 -0700 (PDT)

Tom Benson has been networking and has some additions to our list of guys
coming to homecoming(see below).? He has also provided some choice snap
Do you remember the 'Sienfeld' show and the bubble boy episode?? Thanks to
Tom Benson I've discovered that Gamma Omega has it's very own 'bubble boy'.?
Check out the attached.
recent additions in red)
Dave Jennings
Bob Stegall
Martin Cox
John Snyder
Craig Shackleton
Rob Rossell
Dave Fullerton
Clay Coburn
Leland White
John Clarkson
Kenny Walker
Jim Glass
Mitch Baddour
Jim Wallace????????????????????????????
Carl Hohl
Tom 'Space' Hosman????????????????
Geoff Anderson??
Bill Jansson???????
Frank Roby
Elvis Thompson
Bill Jordan???????????????????????
John Jones???????????????????????
Chuck Paul???????????????????????????????
Don 'Bino' Mannino
Harry Singleton
John 'Pest Buster' Miller
Jeff 'Rocky' Skilling
Jim Dent
Fred 'Beek' Haulenbeek
Woody Berry
Dave 'Wingo' Wengierski
Art Kretz
Tom 'QB' Hutchison
Craig 'CDi' Diesenroth
Paul 'PP' Porter
Mark Paul
Tom Benson
Mark Hillstrom
John Grumbles
probable:? Mark McKinley, Brian Deirs, Steve Moore
Still waiting to hear from:? Bill Haack, Sneaky Ulrich, JD Owen, Kenney
Cason and the Steinwart boys.
See y'all at the Beta beer tent in the shadow of the new campus
stadium....or at Gordo's, or on the links...or at Elvis'....or at the game...
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- Porter.jpg