Enron Mail

To:kenneth.lay@enron.com, jeff.skilling@enron.com
Subject:Chairman and CEO Statement for the 2000 EHS annual report
Cc:michael.terraso@enron.com, rosalee.fleming@enron.com, sherri.sera@enron.com
Bcc:michael.terraso@enron.com, rosalee.fleming@enron.com, sherri.sera@enron.com
Date:Thu, 10 May 2001 06:35:00 -0700 (PDT)

Ken and Jeff:

As you know, last year Enron produced its first ever EHS annual report with
some mentions of our new Corporate Responsibility program. We are producing
this year's version, which is expanded both in the environmental reporting as
well as our human rights and social initiatives covered. Mike Terraso and I
would like to include an opening letter by the two of you (last year Ken
signed it). Will you please review the attached and edit, comment or approve
by next week? We appreciate your help with this.