Enron Mail

Subject:Digital Storm - deadline May 18th.
Date:Mon, 14 May 2001 09:50:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jeff,
I am following up on a confidential manuscript I sent you a few days ago o=
"Digital Storm - Fresh business strategies from the Electronic Marketplace=
Is is a book about B2B E-Commerce and E-Markets after the hype. It will be=
distributed by Wiley this summer as an A+ title (lead category) and Hasso =
Plattner, CEO of SAP wrote the preface.
Enron is featured as the most successful marketplace to date with a bright=
I was wondering, whether you would like to include a testimonial for the=
book. It would certainly also be good marketing for Enron's entry into new=
marketplaces. For your convenience I include a potential quote:
Running the world=01,s largest electronic marketplace, we embrace the=20
opportunities and challenges of B2B E-Commerce. In =01+Digital Storm=01, P=
Gerbert and his colleagues give a powerful analysis of what has been learn=
and invaluable insights for future strategies in this area.=20
(you can of course write what you want; more ideas are in the attachment,=
which also contains additional information).
I apologize that this is a bit urgent - the deadline is Friday this week =
May 18th).=20
I very much hope that you enjoy the manuscript. Perhaps you would?be=20
interested to further discuss the ideas.=20
Best regards, Phil Gerbert
PS: Due to the urgency I used your e-mail from our McKinsey alumni=20
directory. PhG
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