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Subject:E-mail 12/10/00
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Date:Sun, 10 Dec 2000 07:12:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mark; Thank you for your nice message. The reference to Macomb
was my trip down to the Western U game on Nov 25. I thought I told you about
the Lehigh runaway 37-7. Uncle Dave went to Knox College in Galesburg and I
went thru the Knox campus and commented to Dave. The game so inspired me I
went to the Delaware game on Dec 2 and came back to Earth as Lehigh lost
47-24. The score was higher than the quality of the game Indicated but the
best team won. Delaware lost yesterday to Georgia
Southern who will play Montana U next Saturday for the NCAA Class-11
I will be looking forward to the second newsletter. Mother and I
cleared out last Friday as two young ladies came in to clean our Condo for
the first time. They did a super job and we are going to have them come
every two weeks. We will not have to do any heavy work from now on. I have
joined the Kiwanis Golden "K" which meets weekly and is a group of 'OVER 55"
retirees. Should be fun as I already know many of them.
I got a list of the Senior Courses for the Spring semester. I will
register early to make sure I get the computer course and learn how to use
this thing fully.
I will on line again soon Mother and I send LOTS OF LOVE AND KISSES.