Enron Mail

Subject:Election Day
Cc:tskilling@tribune.com, jskilli@enron.com
Bcc:tskilling@tribune.com, jskilli@enron.com
Date:Tue, 7 Nov 2000 08:42:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mark; Thank goodness the election is almost over. We ought to
have a few weeks of peace before someone will start working for 2004.
The poles have been swamped today and I guess they expect the biggest
vote in the last 40 years.

I am glad the election is nearly over------after almost 2 years I have
heard enough.
I got a new tooth inlay this morning and then voted about 10:45 and
already our precinct had had over 180 voters--your mother was one as she went
before she went to the store. I don't know who she voted for as yet. I was
thinking of putting up some cute sign like (Monica says "Back Bill"); (Nader
says "A vote for me is a vote for Bush"); (Be sure to get behind the right
Bush);(Gore is a Kunkle Head); or (Gore - Gore). However I decided to put my
halo back on. You realize I am joking of course.
I watched the Northwestern-Michigan game last saturday-it had to be the
most exciting college game I have ever seen. NW lost the ball on downs when
their star runner (he had gained 268 yards running) dropped a pass in the
endzone with no one within 10 yards. All Michigan had to do was run the
clock down (1:45 left in game) so I turned to ESPN to try to get a Lehigh
score ( I finally did) and I never went back to the NW-Mich game. I learned
just as I turned the radio off to sleep about 8 hours later that NW had
recovered a fumble and scored on a pass to win 54-51. NW had beaten
Minnesota the week before on a Hail Mary pass of 50 yards on the last play
of the game. Incidentally Lehigh had beaten Colgate 20-14 and they are now
I know you are looking forward to seeing Calvin. I wish I could be a
mouse to see that meeting. I had better leave now. Your Mother said I should
send her love. I add my love to that. DAD