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Subject:EnronOnline Management Report for May 31, 2000
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Date:Thu, 1 Jun 2000 09:24:00 -0700 (PDT)

Please see the attached Management Report for May 31, 2000:

Total Today Year To Date Life To Date

Number of Transactions 2,417 125,878 130,879
Gross Notional Value $ 2,225,078,089 55,910,734,903 57,123,406,893

(UK Power and Norwegian Power trading information is not included in the=20
notional value numbers listed above.)
Revenue from Physical flows to date ($) 3,151,947,359 3,247,698,851

New Counterparties transacting today 3
Counterparties having transacted to date 348

Also attached is the Public Domain Report, containing information which is=
intended for use in presentations or reports which will be seen by=20
individuals outside Enron:

Total Life to Date Transactions < 128,000, which is < 52 % of Enron=01,s=
current transactions for the month=20
Average Daily Transactions < 1,800
Life to Date Notional Value of Transactions < $50 billion
Average Daily Notional Value =3D Approximately $900 Million, which is 45=
% of=20
Enron=01,s Notional Volume
Number of Products Offered Each Day =3D Approximately 800