Enron Mail

Subject:Fire Chief Committee
Date:Mon, 29 Jan 2001 04:41:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Jeff:

Thank you again for extending me an invitation to be on your committee to
select the new Houston Fire Chief. I look forward with much enthusiasm and
excitement to working with you and the committee members on this very
important project.

I enjoyed our visit at the Doubletree immensely. It was great walking
down memory lane and recalling our days in Cambridge. We probably passed each
other at Harvard Square at some point during our time there. As I said, I am
a great admirer of you and ENRON. The innovation, creativity and unique
(though soon to be widely copied) business plan make ENRON one of Houston's
(and the nation's, maybe also California's in the near future) great assets.

Since the subject came up in our conversation, I will add a short
personal note. After reviewing several potential transactions this week, it
is quite possible that my partners and I will be entering into a "business
defining" transaction in the next two months. Since I am a lousy golfer, I
will be exploring new challenges.

Thursday, at the fire station, should be fun. I can see you and the mayor
in one of the hook and ladder trucks for the photo op.

Take care,