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Subject:Fw: A message from Woody Berry
Date:Thu, 21 Sep 2000 02:32:00 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff, make sure you open the pictures in this email-I'm sure it will bring
back memories!!

Chuck Paul
A Closer Look
Professional Mystery Shopping Company
Email: Chuck.Paul@A-Closer-Look.com

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Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 4:15 PM
Subject: A message from Woody Berry

< If this message is redundant...at least check out the pictures that I've
< attached
< Brother Tools,
< As of this date, I, your hard working ticket procurement master, have
< only heard from Mannino, Beek, Jordan, Kretz, Wallace, Elvis, Grumbles,
< Glass, C-Paul, John Miller, and Space re: ordering tickets to sit with
< the
< brothers of the pail. I'm figuring I've got about two more weeks to wait
< to
< place the order to ensure we all get block seating, so....if you're
< wanting
< to sit within the Eye of Wooglin section, which, by the way, WILL OWN THE
< FRICKING STADIUM THAT DAY, you kinda need to let me know as soon as you
< can.
< I'll be sending this message a few more times, so get used to it
< dirtballs.
< See you at the game.
< Yours in -kai-,
< Drow boethia@hotmail.com
< PS. Who in the hell bid Ricky Baier?
< PSS. Feel free to forward this to any brother not on this list.
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