Enron Mail

Subject:Greetings from Boston
Date:Mon, 19 Mar 2001 09:02:00 -0800 (PST)

Hi, Jeff.? I wanted to send you my "business card", not having one Friday
night when my friends and I met you at the Federalist in Boston.? I no
longer work for Governor Cellucci and have a real estate investment
management company of my own. (see below)
To remind you, I am a BU alumna, having graduated from the Graduate School
of Management.? If your daughter thinks she might like to attend BU and you
need a database of alumni, I would be happy to meet with her for a future
I would be remiss, however, if I did not mention my alma mater undergraduate
school, Simmons College.? It's located in the Fenway and is the only women's
college in Boston.? The college is noted for training women to be leaders in
diverse fields, from communications (my undergraduate degree), to health
care, to management, to name only a few majors.?We have quite a number of
notable women executives, media celebrities, and lawyers, like myself,
too!What's nice about Simmons is that it combines the best of higher
education worlds; i.e., it is a small liberal arts university for women with
a co-ed social life. ?Simmons is one of 32 other colleges in Boston and was
ranked 15th among all colleges in the Northeast by US News last year.?
If I sound as if I'm promoting Simmons, I am.? The reason I left
Massachusetts?government last year was to run the College's
Centennial....once in a hundred year opportunity, you know!? And, besides,
Gov. Cellucci's wife Jan received her graduate degree from Simmons in
library science, so he was fine with my departure.?
If you think Kristy might entertain a women's college, the website is
www.simmons.edu.? My friend Patricia Tencza is the Undergraduate Admissions
Director.? If you or your daughter want to email her, just mention my name.?
Her email address is Patricia.Tencza@simmons.edu.
I hope your trip back to Houston was fine.?? I enjoyed meeting you.? Wish we
had a bit more time to talk.? Regards,? Maria
Maria Marasco, Esq.
Managing Partner
STETS & Co., LLC???????????? (yes, as in Stetson the hat)
191 Holt Road
Andover, MA? 01810