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Date:Tue, 12 Dec 2000 04:28:00 -0800 (PST)

Houston Angel Network members:

HTC is pleased to present Verliant to the Houston Angel Network.
For additional information, please contact Pamela Harris, Founder, of

Best regards, and as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Michelle Weisblatt
Development Manager
Houston Technology Center

Verliant, Inc.
Corporations today are confronted with a myriad of laws and
regulations from Federal, State and Local governments. Complying with these
regulations costs companies billions of dollars annually, in direct
compliance costs alone. Furthermore, the risk of non-compliance is
significant and costs companies both directly, in terms of fines and
litigation, and indirectly in terms of increased insurance premiums. OSHA,
which is only one of several compliance categories, estimates that companies
spend over $67 million annually--in fines alone. Litigation and settlement
can cost multiples of the government fines. Verliant has developed a
web-based, artificial intelligence tool that helps companies maintain
regulatory compliance and successfully manage operational risks. The initial
product focuses on compliance in environmental, health, safety and training.
The technology is developed and has completed a successful beta test with
its first client, Allied Waste Corporation. Contracts have been signed with
initial revenues to occur in January 2001.

Technology & Product
* U.S. employers face a multitude of onerous record
keeping and compliance responsibilities. The administrative burden of
maintaining up to date knowledge of, and complying with, regulatory
requirements is significant.
* Verliant automates key management compliance
processes that were previously ignored or handled manually by employers' HR,
Safety or Legal departments. Employers recognize significant cost savings
in compliance and substantial decreases in non-compliance. Likewise,
productivity and the effectiveness of safety programs are enhanced.
* Applications modules include: Human Resources
(Employee Record Management); Healthcare Compliance Auditing; Medical
Surveillance; Substance Abuse Program Tracking; Training, Evaluation and
Endorsement Tracking; DOT Driver Qualification File Maintenance; Event
Management; Accident and Injury Reporting, Tracking and Analysis; and
Industrial Hygiene.

* There are over 6.5 million American firms that must
comply with regulatory standards.
* OSHA estimates annual compliance costs at $33

Marketing Strategy
* Initial focus will be through direct sales to
Fortune 2000 companies.
* Pricing is based on a monthly fee of about $2 per
* Verliant has signed contracts with Allied Waste and
* The company plans to implement multi-tiered, direct
sales, distribution model supplemented by resellers with substantial
existing presence within niche target markets. The company is negotiating
agreements with several resellers in both the medical and waste management

* Verliant has identified two direct competitors. The
first is Medgate, a privately held Canadian company that offers several
competing modules, but is not yet internet-based. The second is Complient,
which is in development of an internet-based compliance solution,
supplemented by training and safety product sales.
* Other companies such as J.J. Keller, a privately
held company focused on the Department of Transportation (DOT) solution
only, is not internet-based.
* A more distant competitor is PureSafety.com, which
focuses only on OSHA Training Tools.
* Verliant is developing strategic relationships and
marketing alliances with several companies in the medical, waste management,
and PEO industries.

Competitive Advantages
* Management Team - The Company's executive management
skills, domain expertise, market knowledge, distribution channels,
intellectual property, and price versus performance are one of its greatest
* Superior Functionality - No competitors offer
Verliant's comprehensive suite of compliance rule-based solutions, on-line
document imaging, or full-service data entry and date loading.
* ASP Delivery Model - The advantages of the ASP
include easy to use Internet based solutions, proprietary compliance rules
algorithms, and flexible reporting functions.
* Brand Leadership - The Company's competitive
strategy will be based upon building brand awareness by virtue of its
expertise and the founder's reputation in the occupational health and safety

Organizational Information
Management Team
* Pamela E. Harris, PhD, President and CEO - Founder
of Verliant. Ph.D. in Environmental Science and a Masters in Public Health,
20 years experience in the safety and health field including VP, Safety and
Health Services at BFI. 3 years on the BOD, National Safety Council.
Recognized as one of the nation's top 50 women executives by the New York
* Martin Scheid, VP Business Development (Forte Group
Partner) - MSEE, MBA with 24 years experience in senior management in the
high tech sector, including 15 years with Compaq in business development,
mergers and acquisitions.
* Jeff Collins, COO (Forte Group Partner) - BSE, MBA
with 16 years of commercial, operational and technology development with
such firms as BP Amoco, where he was VP of Business Development.
* Ms. Joan Eckerman Jones, MPH - VP Marketing with
over 10 years experience in strategic marketing.
* Natalie Williams - 15 years experience managing data
quality, interface and input mechanisms, report design and vendor
* Deborah Vint - Healthcare Sales - 23 years
experience in the healthcare field, managing clinical practices, as well as,
administrative, technical, and professional staffs.
* Roger Clayton - IT Manager - 19 years experience
designing and managing database applications. He has created many Microsoft
based business applications
Advisory Board
* Mr. Patrick R. Tyson, JD - Partner, Constangy,
Brooks and Smith; Chairman of the Board of the National Safety Council,
Former Acting Head of OSHA (Reagan Administration).
* Ms. Susan J. Piller, JD - Vice President and
Associate General Counsel for Waste Management, Inc.
* Mr. Robert Broun - Principal for 15 years with
Wellington Associates, Inc., a Dallas investment banking firm.

Financial Projections
Revenue Model
* Verliant's revenue model will include sales in both
direct and reseller channels of distribution.
* Verliant will achieve over $300 million in
cumulative revenues and will attain market penetration goals of up to 20%
during year 5 of operations.

* The founder has contributed over $600,000 in seed
stage funding. The company is now seeking $2,000,000 through the issuance
of Series A preferred shares.
* Funds will be used to support ongoing operating
expenses, technology and web site development, the purchase of business and
computer equipment, and the deployment of sales and marketing plans.
* Break-even profitability is projected by year-end

Contact Information
* Dr. Pamela Harris, President, Verliant, Inc.
5715 Whitemills, Houston, Texas 77041-5503

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