Enron Mail

Subject:Happy Thanksgiving!
Date:Sat, 18 Nov 2000 08:21:00 -0800 (PST)


We all have so much to thank God for! My wife and I will be away this coming
week and so permit me to now take this opportunity to wish you and yours a
truly great Thanksgiving holiday!

Our predictive dialer has evolved into a world-class computer-telephony
server. Users may now easily add advanced inbound and call blending
functionality, voice monitoring, voice recording, automated messaging, touch
tone and interactive voice response (IVR), as well as email and web
integration capabilities. And being all on the same box eliminates so many of
the interface and support complexities associated with other alternatives.

Our strong growth and product enhancements continue unabated. Our
network-wide Graphical Manager and Dynamic Campaign Builder (DCB) are setting
entirely new thresholds of effectiveness and productivity! Also, we have just
made yet another release of our Graphical Manager software and will now also
shortly be releasing an even more expansive version of DCB.

We continue to add customer success profiles. You can view and print these
(and others) from www.noblesys.com under 'Customers'.

Jeffrey, please advise whenever I can be of any assistance to you and/or your

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Dan Donaldson
Noble Systems Corp.
407-248-3400, 888-434-2537