Enron Mail

Subject:Human Resources Organization
Date:Wed, 7 Jun 2000 10:46:00 -0700 (PDT)

As Enron continues to address the Human Capital Needs of the organization,=
there are several changes in Enron=01,s Human Resources (HR) Organization I=
like to share with you:

In Corporate Human Resources:

Brian Schaffer will lead the Office of Labor and Employment Relations=20
function, including Resource Management, Corporate Training activities, and=
Workforce Development.

Mary Joyce will continue to have responsibility for Executive Compensation=
and our Global Equity Plans. =20

Cynthia Barrow, in addition to Benefits, will be responsible for the=20
development of Work Life Programs across Enron. =20

Brad Coleman will be responsible for Analysis and Reporting, in addition to=
the re-engineering of the HR Service Center. =20

Gerry Gibson will work closely with me to provide Organizational Developmen=
& Training expertise for HR=01,s Continuing Evolution.

Andrea Yowman will be responsible for several projects which are critical t=
HR=01,s on-going success including the SAP Implementation, Global Informati=
System (GIS) Database, and Total Compensation System Development. In=20
addition, she will have responsibility for the Human Resource Information=
System (HRIS).

The HR Generalist functions for Corporate will be handled by the following:

Gwen Petteway, Public Relations, Government Affairs, Legal, Investor=20
Relations, Corporate Development, EPSC, Aviation, Enron Federal Credit Unio=
and the Analyst and Associate Program

Kim Rizzi, Accounting and Human Resources

Sheila Walton, RAC, Finance and Enron Development Corp, in addition to her=
responsibilities in ENA

At the Business Unit Level, we=01,ve established two Geographic Hubs for ou=
Wholesale Business Units:

Drew Lynch will be in London with the HR responsibility for the Eastern=20
Hemisphere including London, APACHI and India. Drew=01,s Senior Leadership=
will include: Nigel Sellens, Ranen Sengupta and Scott Gilchrist.

David Oxley will be located in Houston with HR responsibility for the Weste=
Hemisphere including North America, CALME and South America. David=01,s Se=
Leadership Team will include: Miguel Padron, Janie Bonnard, Sheila Knudsen=
and Cindy Skinner. =20

We believe these Hubs can result in a more effective HR organization and al=
facilitate the movement of talent where needed in those regions. =20

The following are the HR Leaders responsible for the remaining Business=20

Dave Schafer GPG
Gary Smith Wind
Robert Jones Net Works
Marla Barnard EBS
Ray Bennett EES/EFS
Willie Williams EE&CC/NEPCO
Gerry Chatham EGEP

Please click on the following link to view the HR Organization Chart. =20