Enron Mail

To:jeff.skilling@enron.com, joe.hirko@enron.com, ken.rice@enron.com,kevin.hannon@enron.com
Subject:IBM Meeting on Monday
Date:Sun, 5 Mar 2000 03:34:00 -0800 (PST)

Hello --

The IBM meeting on Monday at 12:30pm in Houston (49C1) is an informal working
session meeting for the EBS/IBM ASP team rather than a major checkpoint
meeting. Therefore, you definitely do not need to attend. However, you are
certainly welcome to drop by at any time. A few morale words about the
importance of the effort and the size of the joint opportunity with IBM in
the ASP space are always welcome if you get a chance to come by.

Jeff: I got a call from Perminder Bindra on Saturday. He says that the IBM
team assigned to EBS is extremely excited. His concern is that there are
other ASP efforts with other companies going on in IBM, and he fears that the
"normal" IBM noise level around these efforts could slow us down (our goal is
an agreement this quarter). So if you can stress our need for speed in your
call with Sam P. tomorrow, that would be helpful. I am hoping that IBM will
treat EBS as the top ASP-related partnership that they develop. Thanks for
your help.

Best regards.

-- Rex

Proposed Agenda for Meeting Monday, March 6th

I. Status of Each Bucket (call-in number needed for one hour commencing at
A. Market Selection/Strategy
1. Branding (deferred) (Steve Lonon, Mark Palmer)
2. Value Proposition (15 minutes to review current draft) (Ed Merenda, Mike
3. Announcement (15 minutes to review current draft) (Steve Lonon, Rex

B. Financial Structure (5 minutes to review notes from 2/28 meeting) (Susan
Boucher, Larry Lawyer)

II. Commercial Agreement subgroup (1 hour, 30 minutes)
Attendance, ie: Rex Shelby, Jim Crowder, Bob Lowrey, Mark Bartram

III. Team Wrap Up (30 minutes) (call in number needed for 30 minutes
commencing at 3:00 pm), all attendees suggested

Dial in will be available for those who can't make it in person:
1-888-311-9051; Access code: 71343

Purpose of meeting: to get status from each of the subgroups (Value
Proposition, Commercial Agreement, Announcement, Marketing, etc.) and to sit
with everyone face to face and review key issues.

Deliverables from meeting: (IBM-EBS key contacts are asked to put together
2-3 powerpoint slides briefly highlighting the topics below)

Outlook of each subgroup and where it fits into the March 31st deadline
Status of each subgroup
Potential roadblocks to March 31st deadline
Go forward plan for April 1 and beyond