Enron Mail

Subject:I Have a Dream
Date:Fri, 17 Nov 2000 03:48:00 -0800 (PST)


I have a dream. In it you send out an E-Mail: Will every Enron employee
that has been wronged by Enron let me know. I will personally see to it that
all wrongs are redressed.

I worked for a big company that at one time abused people working for me. My
workers called a slow down on me. My responsibilities could not be fulfilled
with the slow down. So I told my management "You helped cause the problem.
So now please help me solve it." Luckily for me my management agreed. They
hosted a dinner for my supervisors and representatives of my workers at one
of the best Steak Restaurants in town. Before, during and after drinks,
steaks, desserts and cigars, we listened and spoke. Management's words and
body language said "We agree we wronged you. We apologize. We promise to
try our best not to do it again. Now please let us all get back to work."
Nobody threatened anybody that night, and yet next day I had fully productive

I have a dream that Enron can do as good, or better. After all, are we not
the best at just about every thing else?

I refuse to believe that any corporation can be the very best if they do not
right wrongs.

I am very interested at hearing any comments you may have on the subject.

Best Regards,

Nieves G. Soto