Enron Mail

Subject:Invitation to Speak - June 15 or 16
Date:Mon, 5 Jun 2000 06:55:00 -0700 (PDT)

My trading operations team, under the leadership of Mary Solmonson, is
sponsoring a working session on Thursday and Friday, June 15 and 16 in the
ballroom at the Rice. Mary leads the team that manages Global Databases,
our global contract, counterparty and facilities databases that create the
common platform that facilitates the consolidation of information for credit
aggregation, risk exposure, customer information, feeds to SAP for financial
reporting, etc. In addition to managing these databases, Mary has
harnessed information from these databases in a new way to create an
effective prospecting tool for use by originators and traders. This tool can
help measure and increase coverage by industry segments. This project,
Entelligence, has been endorsed by Greg Whalley and Jeff Shankman and is
currently under development for delivery later this quarter.

We invite you to speak to the group of Enron employees from offices worldwide
who will attend the working session next week. Please let me know if you are
interested and if June 15 or June 16 fits your schedule.

Thanks for considering this speaking opportunity.