Enron Mail

Subject:Invitation to speak at the InformationWeek Conference
Date:Thu, 30 Nov 2000 01:05:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mr. Skilling:

I'm contacting you to let you know of an exciting opportunity to speak
at the Spring 2001 InformationWeek Conference to be held April 1-4,
2001, at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida.

Each year, the editors of InformationWeek choose a theme for the
conference that brings to life our editorial point of view -- the very
reflection of developments and trends in business and IT. This year
our theme is: "Radical Simplicity: The Drive to Conquer
Complexity and Enhance Customer Value." E-business has
revolutionized the global economy. But it's also built complexity
directly into the very technologies that were intended to facilitate
business among companies and their customers and suppliers. As the
technologies designed to link more partners became more complex, so
too did the business processes for which they were used. This
Conference will highlight the drive toward simplicity ? in technology,
in business models, in business processes, in corporate culture, in the
economy. And in the very way companies interact with their

Based on the role you and your enterprise are playing in your industry
segment and from our recent coverage of Enron, we know that this
fundamental concept, driven by technology, is helping your
organization redefine itself to build better customer relationships and
face new competitors in today's fast-changing economy. As such,
we'd like to invite you to speak in a session at this Conference.

Our semi-annual InformationWeek Conference is a unique blend of
professional development, research, and peer-to-peer networking. If
you're able to participate, you'll be joined by close to 500 other senior
IT and business executives, in addition to other industry experts. With
your contributions and those of your peers, The InformationWeek
Conference truly is like a special issue of the magazine come alive!

We hope that you'll be able to attend. I, or one of my colleagues, will
be calling to discuss this speaking opportunity with you in the next
week. Best wishes and we look forward to speaking with you.


Brian Gillooly
Editor-in-Chief / Events
bgillool@cmp.com; 202-383-4760