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Date:Mon, 22 Feb 1999 09:55:00 -0800 (PST)


Just a quicknote to say hello. Looking forward to the prophesized

You'll be interested to know that a couple weeks ago, when I was on my
way to Greece to renew my visa, passed Enron's progject at Marmara
Eregilisi, a town on the Maramara Sea, which is the same body of water
that has the island where Abdullah Ocalan ("Apo", the Kurdish terrorist)
is beng held. Had read about the project in a Turkish newspaper
(English translation; not ready to read real Turkish newpapers yet)
earlier. Also read an article about a study Enron did for the US
government about the natural gas pipeline from Baku through Geogia to
the Black Sea coast. You guys are everywhere.

I also read that The Economist is sponsoring some sort of energy
conference in Ankara (which is suppose to be a gloomy sort of place;
especially this time of year) in the next few weeks. Are you going?

Least you think all I do is read about Enron, been having the time of my
life here, which is not to say things have been easy. But I'm still
where things like standing in four different lines at the port office to
pick up a pakage is charming. (Besides Asia Minor being the birth place
of agriculture, democarcy and Christianity [all, albeit, in the distant
past], it was also the birthplace of buracracy [as you probably know,
the word byzantine comes from Byzantium, the name for Istanbul before it
became Constantinople].)

Hope all is well.



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