Enron Mail

Date:Mon, 1 Mar 1999 06:38:00 -0800 (PST)


Wow. What can I say. Will it help? It covers about thirty months of
rent here (and I have a nice place), and makes it nearly certain that I
have the wherewithall to hang in there long enough to give this writing
thing an umitigated shot. Thanks so very much.

Thanks also for for the kind words in your letter about appreciating
getting my little blurbs. That means a lot to me.

Your letter capped what was one of my best days here (and I have had a
lot of great days here). Have met a "harika [wonderful]" Turkish woman,
and had just spent a fine evening with her when I came home and found
your letter. Her name is Sukran (pronounced "Shoo-kron"). More about
her later. I have to admit that I cried a bit after I opened your
letter; the culmination of a lot of fantasitic feelings.

It would be great if you got over here. It's really an endlessly
facinating place, and I think I'm becoming a prtty good guide. (Also,
Sukran should be helping my Turkish a lot.) Let me know as far ahead of
time as possible so I can sure you have the best choices of hotels.

I know my blurbs suggest greyness, but that's the most interesting color
for me. As I mentioned in my last e-mail to you, I'm having the time of
my life. Indeed, today is the first real day of spring here (though it
may be a false one [ it snowed pretty hard just two weekends ago]) and I
actually sat out in the sun on the porch next to my place and studied
Turkish and prepared my next English lessons.

I recently sent Kristin an "introduction to Istanbul" e-mail (we just
got in touch by e-mail after the holidays); you may want to ask her to
run off a copy for you (assuming she saved it).

Hope you're enjoying your work. Let me know what else is happening in
your life. Thanks again for everything.



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