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Date:Tue, 17 Aug 1999 04:06:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everyone. Things seem fine here. Took long walks, one late last night
and one this morning, and saw little eveidence of damage.
Saw on CNN that americans say quake 7.8 Unbelievable.

My lap top running out of battery, so will just refer you to the below,
which was my reponse to my a note from my brother several hours ago.

* * *

Just got on line. Surprised it was possible. Electricity out, so probably
only us with battery powered lap tops clogging things up.

Everything ok here, so far. Got a pretty good shake. Was out in the
streets for a couple of hours, with everyone else. My neighborhood up on
solid rock, so things looked mostly ok. Lots of old and bad construction
here; many stones in the street. One upper floor (abandoned) apartment half
a block from here collapsed and much debris in the stereets. No apparent
injuries, however, in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, other areas not so
lucky. Saw 6.7 estimate for Izmit, the center, here (one place I passed had
a generator and had a tv out for everyone to see). Passed women praying,
men reading Koran, most just huddled in groups talking. Strange being in the
middle of it all with limited ability to communicate. Know a few folks in
neighborhood and we had a few basic chats, though its amazing how much I
learned even from them. Already knew the Turkish word for earthquake, which
is depram (revolution is devrim) and came in handy.

A few seagulls just went by and I think a neighbor down stairs shut a door;
mistook that commotion for an aftershock. A little rattled myself; much
like after SF quake. I think memory of that still deep seeded in my

Again, this new technology amazes. Better get off and save my battery. May
need it.

Thanks for the note. It was good to see your messages there. I'll send
this to the rest of the family, but if they call tell them I'm ok and
worried about them worrying about me.



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