Enron Mail

Date:Wed, 17 Jan 2001 01:16:00 -0800 (PST)


Wanted to drop a quick note to follow up on our conversation on Saturday.

I am definitely interested in what the plan sounds like as modified. If you
and I can find the right combination of tasks, it should work well; the
matters you mentioned would all seem to fit into a split schedule.

My schedule can be as flexible as needed, with the only restriction (a big
one, I must admit) being that I would want to spend as much time in Istanbul
as possible, both for Sukran and me.

As we discussed, if you and I think there is a niche that would make sense
for me, I could be in Houston for up to six months a year. Perhaps it would
be helpful if we initially assumed that my schedule would include one month
in Houston then one month in Istanbul, followed by two longer two-month
periods in Houston and Istanbul.?This?schedule could be fragmented or even
consolidated further, and of course there would have to a fair amount of
playing it by ear. One thing I would be trying to do as things played out --
provided of course that none of my projects with you was put at risk -- would
be to shave off a week here, a day or two there, so as to maximize my time in
Istanbul.? I would do what was necessary to have myself well-wired into the
States, and should be able to handle quite a few things effectively even from
here. ??

As I mentioned, I have a lot going on here these next four or five months
getting things set up with Sukran, but I could come to Houston for a month
here, a month there, perhaps for the first time in approximately a month.
After that, full-steam ahead.

You might be wondering about my present work.?I would try to hold onto the
newsletter, as that would continue to provide a great vehicle for my learning
and writing about this place. Otherwise, my work here is not something we
should worry to much about as we consider the above further.

Yours with love,


P.S.? Enjoy the festivities in Washington and say hey to Tom.

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