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Beta Bros.,
Add two more names to the list of confirmed attendees:? Jim 'Pledge Trainer'
Glass will be arriving Friday night with his wife and daughter.? Mitch
Baddour and his wife, our little sister if memory serves me correctly, will
join us too.
Clay Coburn will be on the left coast prior to HC weekend and assures me
that he is working very hard to arrange an alternative circuitous return
route to Kansas City that includes BIG D.? I trust that it is only a matter
of time before his name will be added to the growing list as well.
Jim Glass
Mitch Baddour
Jim Wallace????????????????????????????
Carl Holh
Tom 'Space' Hosman????????????????
Geoff Anderson??
Bill Jannsson???????
Randy 'Tocks' Harman
Frank Roby
Elvis Thompson
Bill Jordan???????????????????????
John Jones???????????????????????
Chuck Paul???????????????????????????????
Don 'Bino' Mannino
Harry Singleton
John 'Pest Buster' Miller
Jeff 'Rocky' Skilling
Jim Dent
Fred 'Beek' Haulenbeek
Woody Berry
Dave 'Wingo' Wengierski
Art Kretz
Tom 'QB' Hutchison
Craig 'CDi' Diesenroth
Paul 'PP' Porter
Mark Paul
Tom Benson
Mark Hillstrom
John Grumbles
Thanks to John Miller four more lost Beta Bros. have been added to the Beta
cyber loop:? Bruce Wall, Scott McNabb, Joe Stortz and Hardy Brunette.
Don't forget the attached pictures...enjoy them while they last...I am
getting close to the end of my collection.

Fred Haulenbeek
1195 Baldwin Road
Hinesburg, Vermont???? 05461
802 482-4043???? 802 482-6319