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Subject:Re: Additional PRC Reps and Attending the PRC
Date:Fri, 8 Dec 2000 03:45:00 -0800 (PST)

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From: Charlene Jackson 12/08/2000 11:29 AM

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Subject: Additional PRC Reps and Attending the PRC

We have received numerous requests from individuals in the business units who
either want to add someone to the PRC Committee or who want to have someone
attend the Associate and/or Analyst PRC meetings because they do not have a
representative on the Committees.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add additional PRC Reps at this time
because all of the Associates and Analysts have been divided between the
existing PRC Reps. Additionally, as you are aware, the PRC meetings are next
week, December 12th & 13th and there is not enough time to gather
information. We will, however, be reducing the number of Associates and
Analysts that each PRC Rep is representing and will need several additional
Reps. If you have individuals that should be nominated please send the names
to Terry Bosien. The parameters that were used for the initial appointments
were as follows:

The person must be a well-respected individual who is nominated/approved by
the Office of the Chair of the Operating Company
The Associate PRC Reps are vice presidents
The Analyst PRC Reps are directors /sr. directors

The level of the PRC reps on the committee is important to adhere to for
several reasons. First, Jeff wanted individuals at these levels to gain
additional exposure in the organization and be involved in activities beyond
their business unit boundaries. Additionally, it potentially places the PRC
Rep in an awkward position and they may feel undue pressure in the meeting if
they are required to disagree with a more senior individual.

We have also received request from individuals wanting to "observe" the
meeting. As in the MD/VP process, individuals are not allowed to just
observe if they are not a part of the Committee. We attempted to have the
major units represented, however, it is not possible to have every division
represented. Jeff Skilling spent over an hour with the PRC Reps explaining
why the individuals selected as PRC Reps, rather than the Associates' &
Analysts' managers, should be the ones to represent the Associates & Analysts
in the PRC. He also reiterated the importance of the PRC Reps'
responsibilities which was to (1) meet with the Associates' and Analysts'
managers; (2) gather as much information as possible and (3) advocate
objectively for the individual.
Also, if there are too many individuals in the room it is difficult or
impossible to come to a consensus, which has been the case in the past.

I hope this is helpful. If business units find this is not acceptable, they
should seek approval for their attendance from Jeff Skilling.

Thanks for your understanding, cooperation and support.