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Subject:Re: Enron Candidate
Cc:sherri.sera@enron.com, judyaspen@aol.com
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Date:Wed, 16 May 2001 10:56:00 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you for your e-mail. Mr. Skilling is traveling for the remainder of
this week, but will be back in the office on Monday.

Thank you,
Joannie Williamson

Mbkuntz@aol.com on 05/16/2001 05:04:47 PM
To: <jeff.skilling@enron.com<
cc: <judyaspen@aol.com<

Subject: Enron Candidate


Judy Lay Allen, an associate of yours on the Federal Reserve board, spoke
with Joannie Williamson today regarding my desire to interview at Enron.

I am a graduate of Princeton University with two years experience in
financial modeling and communications. Towards assessing my skill set
relative to peers, I took and received a 740 on my GMAT. I have also
interned in a gas exploration company and am familiar with the industry;
likewise, I have worked with clients in telecommunications and am aware of
the work Enron is doing in the bandwidth trading/pooling field.

I am aware of Enron's executive training/business analyst programs and am
highly interested in exploring opportunities therein. I am in Houston
through Friday evening and, given the short notice, would be grateful for any
opportunity to meet with the appropriate person any time Thursday or Friday.

I look forward to interviewing and applying my experience at Enron.

Best regards,
Michael Kuntz

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