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Date:Thu, 2 Sep 1999 03:24:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Tom,

Thanks for the details. Do they get letters about articles and, if so, do
you think I will get to see them (not just the ones they publish, assuming
they publish any)? Can't wait to see what mom sends. Tell her thanks ahead
of time. I was able to pull a copy off the Internet, and it was enjoyable
to see my name in print, esepcially in such an important newspaper. Thanks

Interesting that in same section another article about Itstanbul was run,
and that in my article I mentioned the Hagia Sophia, the subject of that
other article.

Have felt an aftershock or two in the last week, but not the relatively big
one that killed a man. And what I've felt nothing more than a little wiggle
of the earth. (If you recall, on the morning of the big one I went back to
sleep, during which I felt lots of them (though again all not much more than
as if a truck went by the building).

Hope all goes well and you are not working too too hard (I know you're
workng too hard). Hope we get a good bit of time together when I'm in
Chicago. Maybe we can at least meet for grub on Sunday somewhere in near
your place.

<From: <tskilling@tribune.com<
<To: markskilling@hotmail.com
<Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 14:40:02 -0500
< Mark---
< The piece ran in Perspective yesterday and looked great. It was
< page 6 and cover the better part of the page (the only other element
< there was an ad on the bottom of the page). The Tribune published a
< picture from Turkey with the piece. The first page piece covered one
< of the major Turkish landmarks--a mosque. Mom commented--and I
< agree--that the pieces really complimented one another. It was on
< page 6. Mom is going to mail it to you and Dad is keeping his eye
< for the Sunday Tribune at Borders in Anchorage--the Sunday papers
< usually arrive there 3 days after they hit the stands in Chicago.
< Great job, Mark!!! Hope all is well. It sounds like there is
< work yet to occur there as recovery efforts continue. We've been
< hearing about additional tremors there--have you felt those?
< Love, Tom

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