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Mom and Dad,

I will be sure to tell her.? Any other news?? Will send you an update soon.
All goes well.?

Macedonia surprisingly impressive; green valleys tucked in between
snow-dusted mountains, neat farms and villages and?not?as desperately poor as
I had read (at least as this all appeared from the window of the plane).? We
happened to arrive at the same time Secretary of State Colin Powell; the
airport was surrounded by several helicopters hovering like dragonflies; road
into town lined with KFOR (from Kosovo, just 30 km away) soldiers and local
police; we got delayed for 20 minutes or so as Powell's motorcade?passed,
reminding me of a time when I was stuck in a similar traffic jam in Chicago
caused by the passing of father Bush.? While there we met with a pimply-faced
Minister of Transportation and?made little progress in our negotiations as
deal breaking "collateral" issue came up;?I had a nice evening stoll through
the old ruins of an Ottoman fort and dropped in on an Eastern Orthodox church
ceremony (which I found beautiful though a b! it creepy, as the worshipping
spaces in their churches are small, crowded with the pious and?made to seem
further cramped by the smoke of incense?and walls completely covered with
icons).? Heard no gun fire or bomb blasts from the nearby hills, where
recently some Albanian rebels complaining of an absence of political adn
economic rights had been trying to mess things up a bit.? I was told by
local, non-Albanians, that the trouble had been exaggerated by the western
press.? All very interesting.? Details will be in the book!


Mark ???

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<Subject: Pictures
<Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 15:56:24 EDT
< The pictures arrived today. Your letter was dated April 6 so it took
<ten days.
< Tell Sukran Mother and I think she is beautiful. We sure enjoyed
<seeing them all. I made copies for Sue and Tom and will mail them this
< Thank you so much. LOTS of LOVE and KISSES to YOU and Sukran from

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