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Date:Mon, 23 Aug 1999 11:53:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dad and Mom,

Enjoy Alaska, dad.

Thanks for keeping in touch. By the way, will be in SF starting late
October 21. Unfortunately will have to spend quite a bit of time I'm afraid
finding new tenant, as the old one (who's been great) is moving out after a
year. Wish me luck.

Keeping pretty well informed here. Don't expect things to get too bad, at
least in the sense that I'll be suffering any serious deprevations. This is
a big, cosmopolitan city (perhaps, in some ways, the most cosmopolitan city
in the world), which in many ways is quite modern (in its own, primitive
way). Its got plenty of McDonalds, for instance, at which I can (Allah
forbid) stiffle any hunger pangs. My friends Ismail and Sukran are looking
out for me as well, and for example talked me into staying out doors for two
of the three nights following the quake.

Its raining now and has cooled down considerably, which is great for me but
a very mixed blessing for those trying to get things somewhat back together
east and west of here. Wish them luck. God, what a horrible thing. Just
horrible. I feel guilty that things in my life so normal. And things
really are, for all practical purposes, back to normal. How strange.

Say hey to mom. Have heard little from or about her recently. Is all ok?



<From: TOMSKILLJR@aol.com
<To: markskilling@hotmail.com
<Subject: Plans
<Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 00:16:23 EDT
<Mark; Your E-mail reports have been terrific. Everyone who knows you has
<checked with us to find out how you are doing. I never did know when you
<were leaving Turkey to come back for your visit. Has the earthquake
<any of your plans? Have you checked with the US government people as to
<their advice? Things in Turkey are going to get a lot worse before they
<better and you don't want to get caught in any bad situations. I see Jeff
<has been in touch with you and his people may have some good ideas for you.
<I have no advice other than get all the advice available from people close
<the problems. I am going to Alaska to show your sister and her Jeff
<I plan on coming back Sept 7 and Sue and Jeff will stay several more days.
<am making a great sacrifice as you realize. You may not realize how much
<relief this E-mail has been to your Mother and I but I couldn't have gotten
<any thing that is any better than this computer. Mother and I send
<love. DAD

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