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Subject:Re: UPDATE before heading home for the night---12:15 am CDT TUES
Date:Tue, 17 Aug 1999 03:58:00 -0700 (PDT)


Reading thourgh my mail and came to your newest note. Thanks again for the

Like I said in earlier note, things seem pretty normal. Stores without
electricty, but open. No one seems to be hoarding. Indeed, except for lack
of electricity I really wouldn't know anything happened, and I walked around
for a couple hours, covering some ground.

It was strange, but I had great trouble getting to sleep last night and
probably only did so minutes before the quake. Next couple hours was spont
outdoors with the rest of my neighbors. Took a pretty good walk then, too,
and again saw little damage (though admittedly it was the middle of the
night). The one good thing is that for the first time in my stay here the
stars were all out, as the city had gone dark. Quite an experience.

More later,


<From: <tskilling@tribune.com<
<To: "Mark Skilling" <markskilling@hotmail.com<, tomskilljr@aol.com
<Subject: UPDATE before heading home for the night---12:15 am CDT TUES
<Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 00:34:10 -0500
< Dear Mark,
< Just finished the late news (it's past midnight here)---but
< wanted to check in one last time and will monitor the internet here
< work for future communications from you as they become possible. Mom
< and Dad are on following this on-line as well. I called them the
< minute the bulletins started coming across on the earthquake and Mom
< saw it on television shortly afterward. We had CNN video of some of
< the victims on our midnight news tonight so we're just starting to
< what has happened there.
< AP is now saying at least 100 are dead and reporting that at
< least 20 buildings in Istanbul have crumbled. I guess Izmit 70 miles
< east of you in Instabul(you'll know where these cities are) has been
< hardest hit with 80 of the 100 deaths there. And an oil refinery is
< said to be on fire in the city of Bursa where six are reported dead.
< If this story is like so many others at this point, we're only
< starting to get the picture.
< It sounds like a mess--and the aftershocks are always said to be
< frightening. We're all very concerned about you after this,
< I can't begin to tell you how relieved we were to hear from you. I
< hope you're really all right. We know communications are apt to be
< sporadic in coming days but we'll await word on how you're doing---I
< couldn't get over the fact you were able to get through to us so
< quickly. I know battery power for your laptop is at a premium and
< that you'll be carefully using your PC--providing the phone lines
< up---they're saying there are a lot of lines down. I didn't realize
< Istabul was so big---a city of 12-million (learned that on the wires)
< but have no idea how sophisticated or well equipped the Turkish
< teams are nor how extensive the damage has been---will food become
< short, when will electricity be restored, etc.???? We're concerned
< about you Mark. Please be careful and take care of yourself and
< communicate as you're able. You're on our minds.
< We love you Mark. Will close for now--but will keep in touch.
< Tom
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<Subject: Re: earthquake---are you all right?
<Author: "Mark Skilling" <markskilling@hotmail.com< at Internet_TCO
<Date: 8/16/99 8:12 PM
<Just got on line. Surprised it was possible. Electricity out, so probably
<only us with battery powered lap tops clogging things up.
<Everything ok here, so far. Got a pretty good shake. Was out in the
<streets for a couple of hours, with everyone else. My neighborhood up on
<solid rock, so things looked mostly ok. Lots of old and bad construction
<here; stones in the street. One upper floor (abandoned) apartment half a
<block from here collapsed and much debris in the stereets. No apparent
<injuries, however, in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, other areas not so
<lucky. Saw 6.7 estimate for Izmit, the center, here (one place I passed
<a genertor and had a tv out for everyone to see). Passed women praying,
<reading Koran, most just huddled in groups talking. Strange being in the
<middle of it all with limited ability to communicate. Know a few folks in
<neighborhood and we had a few basic chats, though its amazing how much I
<learned even from them. Already knew the Turkish word for earthquake,
<is depram (revolution is devrim) and came in handy.
<A few seagulls just went by and I think a neighbor down stairs up and
<mistook that comotion for an aftershock. A little rattled myself; much
<after SF quake. I think memory of that still deep seeded in my
<Again, this new technology amazes. Better get off and save my battery.
<need it.
<Thanks for the note. It was good to see your messages there. I'll send
<this to the rest of the family, but if they call tell them I'm ok and
<worried about them worrying about me.
< <From: <tskilling@tribune.com<
< <To: "Mark Skilling" <markskilling@hotmail.com<
< <Subject: Re: earthquake---are you all right?
< <Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 21:55:16 -0500
< <
< < Mark--
< < Have just received word of the earthquake there. Reports are
< < preliminary but they are reporting it hit just after 3AM your time
< <and
< < that buildings have collapsed and there are deaths--though they
< < haven't said how many. It's being estimated at 7.1.
< < I've called Mom and Dad---clearly, Mark, we're very concerned.
< < Let us know you're all right.
< < Have been meaning to get to you to say hello. Hvae been
< < your e-mails.
< < We're told phone lines are out--so haven't any idea when this
< < might get to you. Please let us know you're all right.
< < Thanks Mark.
< <
< < Love,
< < Tom
< <
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