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Subject:Re: contact
Date:Mon, 4 Dec 2000 06:49:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Sr. Rivera,

I'm writing on behalf of Mr. Jeff Skilling in response to your e-mail below.

Mr. Skilling is very interested in meeting with Sr. Rafael Miranda.
Unfortunately, he does not have any planned trips to Europe within the next
couple of months, though that may change after the first of the year. If,
however, Sr. Miranda has any plans to be stateside, I would be happy to
arrange a time for the two of them to meet.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sherri Sera
Assistant to Jeff Skilling
713.646.8381 (fax)

"Rivera Novo, Luis" <lrivera@endesa.es< on 12/03/2000 01:58:58 PM
To: JEFFREY K. SKILLING (Correo electr?nico) <jeff.skilling@enron.com<

Subject: contact

< Dear Jeff,
< Although I don't think we've met each other in person, we've been together
< in McKinsey for at least several years. I joined the Firm in 86 and left
< in 98 to become EVP at Endesa. Since then, we have had sporadic contacts
< with your people at this side of the Atlactic, specifically with Marc
< Frevert and Eric Gonzales.
< As you may know, we are right now in the process of merging with
< Iberdrola, the second Spanish electric company. If the merger is
< successful, we will be "reinventing ourselves", as we will divest close
< to $15b of Spanish electric assets and reinvest the proceedings in new
< businesses and geographies.
< Last week, I discussed with Rafael Miranda, my boss and Endesa CEO, our
< interest to develop a formal contact with his counterpart at Enron, and I
< suggested him that I would contact you in that respect. If the interest
< exists also on your part, please let me know.
< As a reference, I am attaching you the presentation we have been using
< with investors and analysts in our more recent roadshow.
< I hope to meet you in person soon. Warmest regards.
< <<LEO_Equity_Story_C(10)_English.ppt<<
< Luis Rivera
< Director General de Planificaci?n y Medios
< Tel.: +34915668615
< lrivera@endesa.es
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