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Subject:Re: earthquake---are you all right?
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Date:Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:09:00 -0700 (PDT)


Great to hear from you. Things still fine in my vacinity. Surkan and
family ok, though of course everyone is afraid, worried and sad. The big
picture is not good. Looks like the death toll alone will reach several
thousand, the injured over ten thousand.

Power and water back on in most of area in my area, and I believe that is
true throughout city. Just looking at an amazing chart on TV that shows an
incredible series of some one or two dozen aftershocks, all over 4.O. The
original one was, according to CNN, 7.8. Some of the other scenes on the
tube are hard to believe. I trust you'll get to see a selection of them
back there.

Thanks for the offer of help. Don't think this disaster will be borne by
everyone, though, as it seems food, drink and everyting else available to
all but those who died. Still, its hard not to imagine that something this
big in a place who's resources were already stretched won't result in some
serious widespread problems. So I'll keep you in touch.

Have been composing a note to you in my head, which I will do by hand soon
and send to you with some pictures of your visit here. Briefly, though, it
was great to see you and I am very happy that you've seen a bit about my
life here. Enjoyed seeing Kristin and hope she had fun. Look forward to
seeing her and the other kids soon and meeting Rebecca some day.

Say hey to all, take care and write again soon.



<From: "Jeff Skilling" <Jeff_Skilling@enron.com<
<To: "Mark Skilling" <markskilling@hotmail.com<
<Subject: Re: earthquake---are you all right?
<Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:54:31 -0500
<I woke up this morning to a phone call from Rebecca saying that she had
<seen the reports on CNN. Luckily I checked phone mail and I had a message
<Sherri saying that she had already gotten your first message saying that
<everything was alright. Lucky, lucky, lucky! Let me know if you need
<I have already gotten a report from our plant in Marmara saying that
<there is O.K. They had no problem with the facility so they think that
<they can
<be generating electricity as soon as the grid stabilizes. No word on when
<will happen, but it sounds like it won't be too long.
<I haven't heard too many reports on the damage, but from your notes it
<like Istanbul came out O.K. Have you heard from Sukran? How is her
<When you know drop a note.
<I expect that it will be a while before we hear anything else since your
<is out, so until then, take care. Again, if there is anything you need,
<let me
<know. I imagine that we will be sending supplies over to the plant so I
<might be
<able to get something to you relatively quickly. Till then, take care

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