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"So say we, All of us"

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< Sorry to hear Rob can't make it.....have him send Lucinda!!!!!
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< Subject: -kai-
< Beta Thursday Night Gang,
< Significant progress has been made in our quest to locate an alternate
< venue for our Thursday night rendezvous.
< The suggestion actually came from Queensbury, NY of all places. Yes,
< brother Rob Rossell ('77) has volunteered his brother Bill's
< establishment....Lakewood Landing. Tom Benson says it's near Stan's Blue
< Note Inn.
< A brief description, details and directions will follow.
< I spoke to Mike Arends today...it looks like Mike will be joining us in
< spite of the fact that he will be at the alter 2 weeks later. Rob
< Rossell tells me that Tim Strange is coming down with Harry Singleton.
< The brothers just keep on coming out of the woodwork. Rob Bugh got into
< the loop only recently- too late to make plans to leave the flock behind.
< Though he's become a silver-gray, his hand keeps time and measure...check
< out Elvis doin' the hambone thing (attachment). A Beta Top 40 included
< too! (don't worry Jansson, I still have my day job)
< -kai-
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