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Enjoyed reading about Dad's and Dave's recollections of Macomb. But why is
Macomb in their pasts? When was/is the Delaware game?

Things are ok here. Have lost a bit of respect for the Firm I am working
with; lots of bluff where there should be preparation; dreams of glory
without the sweat. Still, I am being treated great. Second newsletter sent
out last week; with Ismail's help (I got him hired to work with me on the
layout, as the in-house guy not really up to par) and the look much much
better this time. I like a couple of the articles too (note the one on
international arbitration and the micropower revolution), though the
audience for them is probably pretty small. Will definitely be sending this
one to some editors.

Today a bit blue, and walked down to the Bosphorus for of a dose of
"renenwal" by the water. Got treated to the last of the day's sun catching
both the tops of the (most ugly, except in sunlight) building's lining the
strait's Asian shore and the sterns (right Dad?) of huge tankers heading for
the Black Sea. Because its Ramazon, and sunset is when everyone breaks
their fasts, I had the quay mostly to myself. About a mile up the Bosphorus
is a huge suspension bridge, and between its towers was a huge rising full
moon. Nice scene.

What's up with you all? Tomorrow is the presenation to our most important
client, Turkcell (on the NYSE). Is a Power-Point Presentation, the modern
version of a slide show, with audio. I wrote it and recorded it.
Unfortunatlely, radio vocies don't seem to be inherited traits. (Indeed, I
do recall Tom working to train his for hours and hours; nothing biological
about that, just hard work.) Tomorrow night its off to Georgia again, where
I have a little work to do and will (the main purpose for the trip) pick up
my work visa. (Will stay a few days, despite not having that much work to
do there, and do a bit of sightseeing; might not get there that often in the
future, as once again the Russian's seem to have less than honorable designs
on the place.) Upon my return to Istanbul, the work visa should be followed
in a couple of weeks by my residence permit, at which point I will be legal.
No more touris visa run every three months!

More later. Look forward to some new news.

Yours with love,


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<Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 17:04:06 EST
<Hi Dave and Mark; I will give you both a report on my trip to Western
<Illinois U for the Lehigh football game. The weather was clear and
<Friday for my trip to Macomb. Dave I took a ride thru the Knox Campus and
<because it was Thanksgiving Weekend I didn't see a sole. The Campus looked
<good and they did a super job in keeping up the old buildings. In fact I
<thought the whole town looked good--- a real well kept Illinois
< The same was true of Macomb. WIU has close 12,000 students and has
<rather large modern campus. The Lehigh Plane had to land in Peoria and
<and party came over in three buses. There were about 60 of the team, 10
<Alumni, A mini-band of 22 and the rest (approx 40) were school officials
<press. It was neat in that the group was small enough I met everyone.
<Lehigh was the only undefeated team in the NCAA Class 1-AA but since there
<was not much respect for Lehigh in that they came from the Patriot League
<therefore they did not get a home game and had to come take part in what
<considered a secondary game. I could tell there was some "Mad Lehigh"
<people. On top of that some of the WIU players made some comments in the
<pregame warmup to the fact Lehigh was not playing in the Patriot League
< By the time WIU got their first "first down" Lehigh had scored 20
<points. The haftime score was 30-7. A hard drizzle and Lehigh only scored
<on touchdown the second half for a final score of 37-7. Lehigh completely
<dominated every aspect of the game. I had never seen Lehigh play a better
< I am flying East to see the next game with the University of
<We have played them many times and both teams will be taking this game
<seriously. Cross your fingers for us. Tom and DAD

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