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Subject:Re: [smu-betas] -kai-
Date:Sun, 5 Nov 2000 02:32:00 -0800 (PST)

Hello Phil
The eGroups shows that you are listed as a member of the smu-betas group.
So you have been successful getting in the group.
To access the group should go to your web browser and type in

The screen should show that you are a member of smu-betas group. When you
replied to the original invitation, egroups may have asked for a login name
or password. I'm not sure if it automatically signs you in or asks for you
to create a password.
You can simply click on the name "smu-betas" in the MyGroup section.
Otherwise, you can sign in by clicking on the "sign-in" hyperlink listed to
the left side of the screen in the MyGroups category. It will prompt for
your email address. If you already have the password set up, it will fill
it in automatically.

Give this a try. I think you should make it into the egroups. Let me know if
you still have problems getting in.
It you still have problems, you can also contact me directly at
shackleton@worldnet.att.net or craig_shackleton@amat.com
There are 53 members on the list now, including yourself, so the promised
land is getting well-populated.
Craig Shackleton
class of '75

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< I have attempted to access the aforementioned web site but either cannot
< follow instructions, no surprise there, or clarification your part is
< Help an old SMU Beta out and lead me to Wooglin's promised land!!!
< I look forward to hearing from you.
< Thanks...Phil Morrow # 388
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