Enron Mail

Subject:Request from Better Business Bureau
Date:Fri, 16 Mar 2001 08:30:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Jeff:

I would like to invite you to honor us as the keynote speaker for the Tenth
Annual Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence. This prestigious awards
program is currently sponsored by the Better Business Bureau Education
Foundation, the Houston Chronicle, and the University of Houston Bauer
College of Business. Proceeds from the event will provide scholarships for
outstanding students involved in the BBB Education Foundation's Junior Sleuth
program. In addition, support generated from the program will assist the
advancement of Silver Sleuths, a senior protection program initiated by the
Better Business Bureau to help senior citizens recognize and prevent consumer
fraud in the Houston market place. Participants will be presented awards in
front of some of Houston's most prominent companies and winners will be
profiled in a special section of the Houston Chronicle. Incidentally, Jack
Sweeney, Publisher of the Houston Chronicle, will serve as honorary chair for
the event.

The date and location for this year's event has not been set, however, the
program will take place in early October and will be held during lunchtime.
Featured keynote speakers have included Frank Carney of Papa John's, Greg
Brenneman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Continental Airlines,
Frank Maguire, former executive of The ABC Network, Kentucky Fried Chicken,
Federal Express, and American Airlines, M. Douglas Ivester, CEO of the
Coca-Cola Company, Stanley Marcus of Neiman-Marcus & Co., and Richard
Teerlink, President and CEO of Harley Davidson, Inc. Enron has definitely
proven itself to be an asset to the Houston community as a leader and I feel
your involvement in our event will only make it more apparent. I sincerely
thank you for your consideration on this matter and I look forward to hearing
from you. You can reach me at 713-977-4777, ext. 126.

Sue Burnett
Burnett Staffing Specialists