Enron Mail

Subject:Si mon Lee
Date:Tue, 14 Dec 1999 07:30:00 -0800 (PST)


I have reviewed the information you sent regarding Simon Lee. I was, in
fact, aware of the memo sent by Sharon Butcher as I had requested that she
detail the rationale for the decision. While Sharon's decision is sound and
logic based, it is ultimately a business decision. I agree that if it is not
illegal to provide remuneration to Simon that we should do so because it is
not worth Enron's reputation in the market place to quibble over this issue.
Moreover, based upon other issues that I have encountered as a result of
promises made by the previous administration, I have no doubt that Simon was
acting under the direction of individuals running the program.

The concern I would like for you to consider prior to making a decision about
Simon Lee is whether Enron is prepared to offer the same remuneration to
others who indicate that they are similarly situated. I am not sure how
many others may step forward but I have attached a copy of an e-mail from at
least one individual who has a similar circumstance. Ironically, this
individual who was Simon Lee's roommate at Harvard chose to exercise his
vested options. He is now an Enron employee and is awaiting the outcome of
Simon's situation.

In my opinion, these and other individuals like them should be treated
consistently. I do not advocate that we search for them but I would like to
know that if the issue arises that it will not be necessary to expend time
and energy on each individual case.

Additionally, equally if not more important, is the issue of how this
situation arose and what can be done to alleviate it in the future. I would
like to discuss at your convenience.

Thanks Charlene