Enron Mail

Subject:UPDATE - Reimbursement of Individually Billed Items
Date:Mon, 26 Jun 2000 12:16:00 -0700 (PDT)

The use of cell phones and pagers has increased dramatically in the past fe=
years. As a result the Accounts Payable department has seen a rapid increa=
in the number of invoices and vendors. With the higher volume, we have=20
reviewed our processes in order to continue our rapid payment cycle.

Although we encourage vendors to address their invoices to individual=20
employees, they often mail invoices directly to Accounts Payable. At times=
they fail to list the individual who uses the pager or cell phone. In thes=
cases we return the invoice to the vendor. If the employee is designated, =
try to track him/her down and forward the invoice. The high level of=20
employee movement among jobs and locations at Enron has made this=20
increasingly challenging. Either way, we end up doing something less=20
productive than paying invoices.

To maintain satisfactory response to our vendors and to reduce time necessa=
for research, we request that employees who have pagers, cell phones, and=
other individually billed items such as licenses, subscriptions, etc., pay=
for them by personal check or charge card (if applicable=01*payment instruc=
are usually indicated on the invoice) and request reimbursement through=20
employee expense reports.=20

By submitting these charges on your expense report, you can help us reduce=
the amount of time spent researching and forwarding invoices, the number of=
checks generated by Treasury, the number of vendors in our database, and th=
turnaround time for payment of invoices. =20

Incidentally, Accounts Payable is currently installing a corporate-wide=20
web-based expense reporting system similar to what Enron International has=
used for the past year. This will make it even easier to file your expense=
report and receive quick reimbursement.

We=01,d like to make this effective immediately. If you have any questions=
suggestions, please contact the Accounts Payable department.