Enron Mail

Subject:Upcoming Book with Chapter on Jeff SKilling
Date:Mon, 5 Jun 2000 08:34:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Jeff,

Several months ago, you agreed to participate in an interview about problem
solving for a book I am writing to be published later this year. The
manuscript is rapidly coming to completion, and I want to take this
opportunity to make contact for several reasons.

First, I've enclosed a draft of the chapter that covers you. If you or an
assistant have time to read this, make a check for factual errors and let
me know your reaction within two weeks of this letter's date, I would very
much appreciate it. The production schedule at this point is strict, and
unfortunately, our miscommunication about your change in email address
hasn't left us much time. End of this week will be OK though. If you have
any additional insights you feel should be added, or important things I've
missed, please include those as well. Any comments can be emailed to me at

Second, thank you so much for your time and the kind assistance of your
staff, in helping to make this project work. I believe you will find the
final product of some interest, and I will make sure that you get a free
copy upon publication.

Third, In return for sharing your insights, I'd like to offer you the only
compensation I can at this time, which is to share knowledge in return. If
there is one organization - for example, the leadership team of a local
charity, a citizen's group - that you would like to receive a briefing or
hear a speech on this subject, I would be pleased to contribute.

Fourth, I am currently in the process of founding a non-profit organization
that will be dedicated to gathering knowledge on problem solving to create
a public trust that can be a resource for educators around the world. Just
as other conservation organizations identify and protect land, historical
treasures or other assets, in the knowledge age, I believe that the core
high quality knowledge on how human beings solve problems should also be
conserved, protected and made widely available throughout educational
systems. If this project interests you and you would like more information
or to lend your support, we would welcome your involvement.

Most Sincerely,

Christopher Hoenig

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