Enron Mail

Subject:Update from Noble Systems
Date:Sat, 24 Jun 2000 06:39:00 -0700 (PDT)


I tried sending this to you on Monday but had gotten an email rejection
message from your email server? With summer time here, I hope you get some
vacation in and that all is well with you and your associates. Permit me to
again update you from our end:


At Noble Systems, we continue to expand and with an increasing number of new
customers whose organizations had previously used some other predictive
dialer but have now switched to us. One such new installation has just
reported a net 20% increase in performance by switching to ATOMS.


Noblesys.com has been totally revamped and with several new items added!
Also, it is now a lot easier to navigate. Please check it out!

In addition, under 'News' we've posted the announcement of our email ACD
Module e_ATOMS ERMS (Email Response Management System) and our collaborative
browsing module e_ATOMS "chat". Please let me know if you'd like additional
product information.

You'll also see our new trademark and "Contact To The Nth Degree" advertising


Agent-specific messaging. When an answer machine is encountered, ATOMS can
leave a standard message without the call ever going to agent. Now with some
agent identifying code in the dialing record, these messages may now be
'agent-specific': in the agents own voice: "Sorry I missed you. This is Dan
Donaldson of Noble Systems calling about a wonderful opportunity. Please call
me at 888-434-2537."


Dynamic Campaign Builder (DCB) has earned Best of Show at CT Expo in Los
Angeles (Computer Telephony Magazine - April Issue - details ATOMS DCB).

Dynamic Campaign Builder (DCB) enables supervisors to create entirely new
outbound, inbound and blended campaigns and with graphical looking agent
screens including branched logical scripts using embedded variables - and all
without needing a programmer!

Please advise if you'd like more information on DCB and/or our DCB User
Manual, I'll be glad to get it to you.


PerfectScript (Patent pending) eliminates people immediately hanging up
because they notice the 'predictive delay time' do not want to hear "another
telemarketer". PerfectScript is now in demand because on all outbound calls
it minimizes this 'predictive delay time' by always promptly responding to
the answering 'hello' with a recording in the agents own voice e.g. "Hello,
this is Jeffrey of Enron Capital & Trade Corporation, may I speak with". As
the agent, you hear most of your pre-recorded voice segment and when it ends,
you simply speak and ask for the person being called.

And very importantly, with PerfectScript, every call automatically starts
very positive and upbeat!

Additionally, PerfectScript also allows agents to use at will other
pre-recorded segments e.g. responses to questions, standard instructions,
disclosures etc. throughout the day. The other party does not detect any
voice segment as being pre-recorded because there are no clicks or beeps.
Agents talk less but since they pre-record these segments also using very
positive voice inflections, their presentations are also more effective and


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) type functionality - Very importantly,
callers can now get retrieve their information and balances without ever
going to a live agent. Callers can be prompted for touch tone entries which
may be used for routing, additional menu selections and/or voice messages.

Advanced Skills-based Routing - In addition to intelligent call routing to
designated agent groups based upon unlimited ANI/DNIS combinations, ATOMS
also enables you to rate each agent's proficiency in each of an unlimited of
categories that you define. ATOMS will connect each incoming call to the most
proficient agent available for the categories previously identified within
the customer record.

ATOMS has now been internationalized. Among other benefits, support for all
time zones and international telephone numbers is now included.

Near toll quality 16:1 end-to-end voice compression for remote locations.

Complete fault tolerance (via clustering).


Responding to our growing install base, we now actually staff our customer
support center 24 hours a day Monday thru Friday and 22 hours on Saturday.
Support access via pagers is now only from Saturday night at 10:00 PM to
12:01 AM on Monday morning.


ATOMS is now also available in lower-priced inbound-only configurations
and/or inbound-only upgrades.

Also, with many ATOMS features, customers need only purchase the number of
concurrent seats actually required. For example, predictive licenses, Digital
Recording (DRS) ports, PerfectScript DRS ports, Email ACD (ERMS) licenses
etc. may be shared by many different agents at different times as long as the
total number of agents using any feature at any time does not exceed the
total number of licenses purchased.

Jeffrey, I do hope you have a great summer and that this update is helpful.
Whenever I can be of help in any way, please do not hesitate to call.

Have a great week!

Dan Donaldson
Noble Systems Corp.
407-248-3400, 888-434-2537