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Subject:"Drunken Beta"
Date:Sat, 9 Sep 2000 16:49:00 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks to Space Hosman for filling in the blanks.? It looks like we've got
it.? Feel free to review the words below and make any corrections if
necessary.?(don't forget to check the attached picture)?Drunken Beta?I'm a
drunken Beta and I love my Haig and HaigI love my Johnny Walker and I love my
lady's legI love my beer and whiskeyI love my Rock and Ryefor I'm one of the
drunken crew of Beta Theta PiNow if you see a pretty girl,you treat her just
like this...you put your hands upon her hipsand on her lips a kissand if she
starts to murmurand if she starts to sigh,just tell her it's a sacred seal of
Beta Theta Pi.?Now Adam was the first man to wear the Beta pin and Socrates
the wisest of all the earthly men.Samson was the strongest although he had an
itch but if Julius Caesar comes along we'll pledge the son of a...Betas raise
your voices for everyone to hear your songwhen every loyal heart
rejoices?it's sounding chorus to prolong?? it's sounding chorus to prolong??
in ever grateful praise UN ending? TO BETA THETA PI?our voices ringing higha
song...a song... bold loud and long to Beta Theta Pi... to Beta Theta Pi...to
Beta Theta Pi??........Followed by loud boisterous AHHHHHHH and a few Hoes?
You have until the end of October to memorize this foolishness.?-kai-Brother
- beta_celebrity.JPG