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Date:Mon, 4 Sep 2000 08:27:00 -0700 (PDT)

John Jones, Dan(Wabash)Bates,Artie Kretz and Hess.
Holiday Greetings Bros.,
What ever became of Dan Bates anyway?? I don't know, but Bill Jannsson
e-mailed to say that he was coming to the party to provide some adult
leadership.? Jim Wallace is a yes, according to a recent message I received
from him.? And Elvis assures me that Paul Porter is a definite YES!
Let's hear some more from our brothers in the classes of '72, '73, '74 and
'76.? And what about you guys in the upper mid west?? Pretty quiet up
there.? I might have to unleash Woody on you.? Here's a sampling of his
persuasive cajoling:
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? "...and??Dr.
Fullerton is trying to clear
his heart transplant calendar as we speak.? I said to him, "Fu, what's more
important, a fricking heart transplant or a chance to end up face down in
the gutter with your pledge brothers?"? Think it really hit home with him on
that one.? I mean, what can you say to THAT? Should be a new low.? Can't
He's got a way with words.

Fred Haulenbeek
1195 Baldwin Road
Hinesburg, Vermont???? 05461
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