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Date:Thu, 7 Sep 2000 14:09:00 -0700 (PDT)

Fall is coming brothers...it was 40 degrees when I left for work the
other morning. It was the first day since early June that I had to wear
long pants to work. We had a high of 60 degrees. I guess I better get
used to it. This winter I will be working outdoors every day...a good
number of below zero days can be counted on. However, I predict terrific
weather in Dallas the entire homecoming weekend.

Bino is finally a solid yes and Harry Singleton told me that he was
planning to be there too. Still no word from those mid west boys, except
Dave Lesh and Tom Hutchison.

Woody has volunteered to be in charge of getting our tickets for the
SMU-Nevada homecoming game. Fire off an e-mail and let him know how many
tickets you will be needing: boethia@hotmail.com

If you are interested in playing some golf with John Grumbles at his
club, get in touch with him for that: John_Grumbles@berryplastics.com
("underscore" between "John" and "Grumbles")

More information regarding weekend events and activities will follow in
future messages.

Thanks for all the wonderful messages. It's great to hear from Y'ALL!

Don't forget to check out the attached pictures.

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- 90hc5.jpg