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Date:Wed, 20 Sep 2000 16:07:00 -0700 (PDT)

Beta Bros.,
With new guys coming into the loop almost every day, I've designed this
message to?include all of the important information surrounding Homecoming
2000.? As more join the loop, I will simply be able to forward this
comprehensive message.
I have attached Elvis' Friday night invitation and a schedule of SMU
Homecoming 2000 events.? Below are some Beta events that we have organized
through our e-mail network participation:
Thursday, October 26???? Anyone in town on Thursday night is encouraged to
join the brothers for dinner at Gordo's and night life to follow.? John
Grumbles has graciously volunteered to make the arrangements.? He needs to
know if you plan to attend: John_Grumbles@berryplastics.com
Friday, October 27??? John Grumbles is also organizing a Beta golf outing.?
If you would like to participate, e-mail him about that too.
Friday evening??? Elvis and Margaret Thompson?are hosting a party for?us.?
See?the attached invitation and be sure to make an appearance.
Woody Berry is purchasing a block of tickets for the SMU/Nevada homecoming
game at the new stadium.? Let him know how many tickets that you will need:?
The guys, that we know of, that are planning to join us for comradery and
consumption are listed below:
(recent additions in red)
Leland White
John Clarkson
Kenny Walker
Jim Glass
Mitch Baddour
Jim Wallace????????????????????????????
Carl Hohl
Tom 'Space' Hosman????????????????
Geoff Anderson??
Bill Jannsson???????
Randy 'Tocks' Harman
Frank Roby
Elvis Thompson
Bill Jordan???????????????????????
John Jones???????????????????????
Chuck Paul???????????????????????????????
Don 'Bino' Mannino
Harry Singleton
John 'Pest Buster' Miller
Jeff 'Rocky' Skilling
Jim Dent
Fred 'Beek' Haulenbeek
Woody Berry
Dave 'Wingo' Wengierski
Art Kretz
Tom 'QB' Hutchison
Craig 'CDi' Diesenroth
Paul 'PP' Porter
Mark Paul
Tom Benson
Mark Hillstrom
John Grumbles
Thanks for all your wonderful messages.? See you in Dallas.
Beek?? 549

Fred Haulenbeek
1195 Baldwin Road
Hinesburg, Vermont???? 05461
802 482-4043???? 802 482-6319
- SMU Homecoming.doc
- schedule.jpg