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Date:Mon, 9 Oct 2000 14:17:00 -0700 (PDT)

Beta Thursday Night Gang,
Significant progress has been made in our quest to locate an alternate venue
for our Thursday night rendezvous.
The suggestion actually came from Queensbury, NY of all places.? Yes,
brother Rob Rossell ('77) has volunteered his brother Bill's
establishment....Lakewood Landing.? Tom Benson says it's near Stan's Blue
Note Inn.
A brief description, details and directions will follow.
I spoke to Mike Arends today...it looks like Mike will be joining us in
spite of the fact that he will be at the alter 2 weeks later.? Rob Rossell
tells me that Tim Strange is coming down with Harry Singleton.? The brothers
just keep on coming out of the woodwork.? Rob Bugh got into the loop only
recently- too late to make plans to leave the flock behind.
Though he's become a silver-gray, his hand keeps time and measure...check
out Elvis doin' the hambone thing (attachment).? A Beta Top 40 included too!
(don't worry Jansson, I still have my day job)

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