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Subject:[smu-betas] Picture folders
Date:Fri, 17 Nov 2000 23:45:00 -0800 (PST)

Someone posted the idea that we remove some pictures because it was
getting sort of messy in the picture folder. We still have lots of
storage space and since many of the brothers are still getting their
first view of eWooglin.com I think we should keep all the pics. They
are listed in alphabetical order in the folders.

I took the liberty of moving all the pictures into folders. So just
post any new pictures in the top level folder "Pictures" and you can
find all the others in the lower level folders entitled "golf"
or "football game" etc. If you want to post the pictures directly to
a sub-folder, that's perfectly OK too, because the email notice that
is automatically sent when you upload a picture file will send us all
the right place. But casual browsers looking for new pictures may not
think to look into the sub-folders.

To navigate back out of a lower level folder just click on the
word "Files" in the left hand column. That puts you at the top of the
folder directory and you can then click on "Pictures" again. That
puts you back to the newest pictures and all the other picture files.
Sorry if this slows down getting to around to all the files. Looking
at the pics by staying within one folder is still the fastest way to
see all of them.

I'm sure if you don't like this solution, you'll let me know. There
are no shy Betas.

Thanks for all the great pictures and commentary. It's a joy to see
your stuff when I take a break at work from trying to "Enable the
Information Age [tm]."


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