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Subject:[smu-betas] -kai-
Date:Thu, 2 Nov 2000 13:40:00 -0800 (PST)

You are now a member of EWooglin.Com.
So far, we only have your e-mail address and name in the data base.?
Ideally, we can create a comprehensive?Gamma Omega- Beta directory with you
assistance.? To provide your address, phone number and other details, visit
the site below and follow the?simple instructions that follow.
When you arrive at the site above, click the square button labeled My Profile
...on the next page, click Edit Profile (over on the right side)
..fill in the appropriate areas (be sure to check the Visible In Public
Profile boxes).? At the bottom of the page click Save Changes.? That's it.?
Thank you.? You're done.
If you add smu-betas@egroups.com to your e-mail address book, you can send a
message here and it will be automatically forwarded to all smu-beta
members.? This will be handy for good jokes, pictures and messages during
reunion campaigns.
You can use the data base to retrieve information such as addresses and
phone #s for long lost buddies.
We can also use the site to post pictures, audio files and text files of
common interest.
Now is the time to add as many brothers as possible to our member list.?
Please send the e-mail address of non-EWooglin.Com members to me at:?
FredinVT@juno.com.? I'll do the follow up and get them in the loop.
Many thanks,
BEEK (aka- EWooglin.Com)

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