Enron Mail

Date:Sun, 3 Dec 2000 12:58:00 -0800 (PST)

< Dear Jeff,
< Although I don't think we've met each other in person, we've been together
< in McKinsey for at least several years. I joined the Firm in 86 and left
< in 98 to become EVP at Endesa. Since then, we have had sporadic contacts
< with your people at this side of the Atlactic, specifically with Marc
< Frevert and Eric Gonzales.
< As you may know, we are right now in the process of merging with
< Iberdrola, the second Spanish electric company. If the merger is
< successful, we will be "reinventing ourselves", as we will divest close
< to $15b of Spanish electric assets and reinvest the proceedings in new
< businesses and geographies.
< Last week, I discussed with Rafael Miranda, my boss and Endesa CEO, our
< interest to develop a formal contact with his counterpart at Enron, and I
< suggested him that I would contact you in that respect. If the interest
< exists also on your part, please let me know.
< As a reference, I am attaching you the presentation we have been using
< with investors and analysts in our more recent roadshow.
< I hope to meet you in person soon. Warmest regards.
< <<LEO_Equity_Story_C(10)_English.ppt<<
< Luis Rivera
< Director General de Planificaci?n y Medios
< Tel.: +34915668615
< lrivera@endesa.es
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