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Date:Fri, 13 Oct 2000 07:41:00 -0700 (PDT)

Keep the messages coming.? Your messages are laugh out loud funny.? My wife
wishes she were a Beta and could get in on the fun to.? For example, in
response to our selection of Lakewood Landing for Thursday night- Jim Dent
"I regret to inform you that the Lakewood Landing is a gay bar. Looks like
some of the brothers will have to go in drag. Get it, Elvis."
Brother Del Dent
I sent this message to Tom Benson and he responded:
"No wonder everyone was so friendly!? That explains the bathrooms being
marked "shipping" and "receiving" ."


Shortly thereafter, I get a message (Anderson, you're gunna like this) from
Bill Jansson:
"There is no problem so large,that it can not be overcome by the use of
high-explosives." LTjg Bill Jansson,USN-1983
Bill also included the a photograph. (see attached).
Another source of great entertainment was the copy from the SMU Alumni
On-line Newsletter that John Miller circulated.? I couldn't help suspecting
the influence of the Drow factor.? I hope the responsible party will humbly
step forward and receive the clicks due him for such a creative and humorous
piece of writing that captured the essence of a 'Gamma Omega' Beta.
Many clicks,

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